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Axe Capital is a hedge fund owned by the billionaire Bobby Axelrod.

By the end of Season 5, The company is now turned to Axe holding company, Axe asset management, Axe Bank and it owns Taylor Mason Capital.

Now, Michael Prince has taken over the company, buying out Axe in a deal that would allow Bobby Axelrod to evade his legal woes.


Axe Capital originally was branded under the name Wachtel, Rachlein and Rice with Bobby Axelrod as a partner. During the events of the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, Axe was not in office because he was meeting with his attorneys to finalize the terms of him being laid off due to suspicious trading behaviour. Ultimately, the partners Warchtel, Rachlein and Rice were all killed when the South Tower collapsed.

While the events transpired, Axe called his broker outside of the World Trade Center area to have him short aviation, hotel and shipping stocks making. hundreds of millions of dollars. With the money made and the deaths of his partners, Axe took over the firm and rebranded it as Axe Capital


At one point Axe Capital was located in Westport, Connecticut, but was relocated later to Manhattan, New York.



  • Is based on SAC Capital Advisors, owned by Steven A. Cohen.