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Taylor Amber Mason is the CEO of Taylor Mason Capital and the former CIO at Axe Capital.

Showtime description[]

Taylor is a brilliant young intern at Axe Capital whom Bobby spots and mines for their outside-the-box way of thinking. At any given time, Taylor is usually the smartest person in the room.

Season 2[]

Dead Cat Bounce[]

Bobby offers Taylor an annual salary of $1 million and his personal mentor-ship to recruit them to his firm when Taylor tells him that they are getting their MBA from the University of Chicago under Nobel Laureate Eugene Fama.

Risk Management[]

Taylor saves Mafee $10 million on a trade regarding Bluudhorn Steel. They do this by suggesting that Mafee should buy put-options to protect the sale instead of having five brokers sell 1/5 of the shares each without knowing about each other. Mafee is thankful for the advice and frustated that his usual methods of keeping interns around ("hot girls showing up at [their] place and drink[ing] till [they] puke and all that") won't work with them.


Taylor Mason has appeared in 30 out of all 31 episodes to date since Season 2 with Indian Four being the only episode they didn't appear in.